About Us

Do Good Barter is dedicated to empowering communities by providing a platform for cashless commerce. We help businesses meet their full capacity so there’s no waste. We help nonprofits find a new source of donations and we help home based businesses find new markets.

Our experienced Trade Brokers are ready to help you learn how barter can help you grow your business.


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Do Good Barter


Do Good Barter serves as a clearinghouse for members’ transactions. You can trade in person during business hours or 24/7 online with you account. Like a bank, Do Good Barter tracks all transactions and processes monthly statements detailing all transactions. Sales are deposited into your account and purchases are deducted from your account. It’s just that simple.

As your broker we also promote your business to other members and help connect you with business that have the products and services you need.

If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, then Do Good Barter can grow your business.

Barter_Check Do you have capacity to handle new customers?

Barter_Check Do you need more cash flow?

Barter_Check Do you have open appointment slots on your calendar?

Barter_Check Do you have empty seats in your restaurant or venue?

Barter_Check Do you have excess inventory you would like to clear out?

Your company’s time and capacity are expiring assets. Do Good Barter will bring you new business that pays you in trade dollars. You can then use those trade dollars to buy the goods and services you need to grow your business keeping your cash on hand for other expenses.



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