Barter for Nonprofits

Nonprofits get free accounts, find new donors and spend trade dollars to get the products and services they need to accomplish their mission.

Members get to fund the causes they care about!


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barter goodDoing Good Barter

We’re passionate about providing a platform that facilitates the introduction of cashless commerce in communities all over America and helps the community know what businesses are giving back to their community. These are 
few of the things we’re doing now. 

Barter for Nonprofits

We offer all nonprofits a free account. There is no new member fee and no cash fees of any kind. We showcase nonprofits (online and off) helping them get donations from new sources in the form of trade dollars that can be used to purchase the goods and services they need to accomplish their mission. 

Eco Friendly Businesses

Business owners, like you, are leaders in the community. We want to showcase business that are working for a better world. In order to do so, we’re creating a special section in the directory for socially responsible companies that have green and eco-friendly products. We will also be featuring them in press releases and our social media campaigns.


Please join us in supporting your local businesses and nonprofits. 

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