How Barter Works

Bartering brings new customers and conserves cash.

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How Barter Works

Bartering ExchnageWhen you  join Do Good Barter you’re able to sell your products or services to other members of the Do Barter Network of more than 150 trade exchanges.

When you sell you’re goods or services to another member they pay you in electronic trade dollars. You can then spend those trade dollars you earned to purchase the products or services you or your company need from any other Do Good Member – or any one of the other 50,000 members in our national network.

As your trade broker our professional goes to work helping you sell your products or services to new companies you’re not already doing business with. This brings new business (in the form of trade dollars) you would not have otherwise had. After all, they came to you in the first place because they wanted to use their trade dollars and conserve their cash.

Our members are all business owners themselves and they understand the value of “word of mouth” advertising. Many new members see  an increase in cash business as well because of the new visibility and opportunities  Do Good Barter provides. If you have more inventory or capacity than cash on hand you can simply offer your products or services on barter.


Do Good Barter

Do Good Barter serves as a clearinghouse for members’ transactions. You can trade in person during business hours or 24/7 online with you account. Like a bank, Do Good Barter tracks all transactions and processes monthly statements detailing all your transactions. Sales are deposited into your account and purchases are deducted from your account. It’s just that simple.

As your broker we also promote your business to other members and help connect you with business that have the products and services you need.

There’s only one way to see how barter can help your business and that’s to  become a member yourself and start enjoying a new clientele of fellow business owners and the benefits of having more cash on hand.


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