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You’re about to join savvy business owners across America finding new customers and conserving more cash through barter. Do good Barter stands alone when it comes to providing members the best selection and most sought after products when it comes to bartering.

Do Good Barter acts as you broker and personal sales force bringing you new customers for a small “sales commission” of only 5% which is only charged when you sell or make a purchase sing Do Good trade dollars. This is the lowest transaction fee in the industry and allows you to trade in the largest network of independent exchanges in the country.

In addition to marketing your company, goods and services through our network of brokers, DGB also promotes your business worldwide in the online marketplace and in your local market through our newsletters, events, social media and the help of your own personal broker.

In short, joining Do Good Barter is like acquiring a new sales force, a marketing company and a huge network of pre-qualified customer prospects ready to do business with you, using the DGB currency! 


Enrollment Fee:  $99 cash fee – non refundable
Monthly Dues:    $5 cash & $5 trade.  Monthly club fees are collected on the 1st of each month (transaction fees are processed real time for purchases and sales).

Transaction Fees for Purchase & Sales – 0% cash fee on sell and 12% on buy.  Cash fees will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card real-time. You will be able to see your activity on a daily basis when you log in to your membership page. Itemized statements of all activity is sent electronically to all members monthly.

Interest Charges: An additional 1 1/2 % monthly fee (APR 18%) in trade dollars shall be charged to the account for a deficit balance in the trade portion of the account. A 1 1/2 % monthly fee (APR 18%) in cash shall be charged on the account for any past due cash fees due on the account.

Additional Services Included in Your Membership

  • Account setup and maintenance
  • Listing in the online SBC membership directory and trading platform
  • Member-only online directory access
  • Record-keeping services, including monthly account statements  and yearly 1099-B reporting

Once your application is approved, a personal Identification Number (PIN) along with instructions on how to use the automated system will be sent to your email address. You will also receive a New Member Welcome Kit with your member ID and instructions on how to use our online trading platform.

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